COVID-19: It’s Time for An Advance Care Plan.

If not Now, When?

Avoid difficult conversations for family members and healthcare providers in the future by having Advance Care Planning conversations now. This article in the Globe and Mail makes some compelling points:

A Chance for us to Have the End-of-Life Conversations We Need by Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld

Making it Legal

You can use the resources (Resources, Videos and Helpful Links) on this website to create your own Advance Care Plan and, most importantly, a REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT. The only form you require to legally name someone to be your Representative (substitute decision-maker) is the BC Representation Agreement. View the Representation Agreement form.

Creating Your Advance Care Plan

If you are looking for an easy way to create an Advance Care Plan, we have found the My Directives website very helpful. Although it is a U.S. based company, the form is easy to understand and it’s free to create an account. You can print off your completed form and keep it with your Representation Agreement. The My Directives form is really just a way for you to communicate your Advance Care Plan to your family, friends and healthcare providers.